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Good times

Hey Sacred Heart past and present - I'm Lydia, I was a lifer, and I graduated in '03. I just had an attack of nostalgia a few minutes ago, so I figured I'd post here. My brother is taking the high school entrance exam today.

In regards to Erin's questions about hottie 2x4s: When I was in seventh grade - I can't tell you what year that was as math is not my strong suit (THANKS, Mrs. League!) - Joe Wagner was THE hottest guy around. I remember seventh grade classmates went up to him with their cameras, saying they had to take a picture of him for the Heartbeat, then giggled and ran away. In elementary school, apparently everyone had a crush on Dennis Rodriguez. When I was a senior, I had a crush on Cal. I honestly don't know why. Must've been the tall ships he sailed in on at 10am every morning.

The one awesome thing about Facebook is looking up former SHIS or SHHS alums and seeing what they look like now. Brittany Peckham, my best friend in 2nd grade (we had the heart necklace to prove it) recently added me. But my favorite was looking up Dan Rushton. If you don't remember, back when he was Danny Rushton, he'd stand by the door in homeroom at lunch, counting down the exact seconds to when the bell rang because his watch was "synchronized."

I never liked Mr. Donaghue. I especially didn't like: "Isn't it nice to have nothing to do?" I remember not liking Mr. Simmons at first because he actually expected us to know real Latin as opposed to the Miss Sharpe Latin we had all grown fond of. Tua mater! One of my favorite high school moments was when we were rehearsing in the auditorium for a chorus show - this was probably my junior year - and Sr. Rosamonde's piano stool broke just as she was about to sit down. We erupted in laughter, but Sr. Rosalie started yelling at us for laughing at what could've happened...I guess you had to be there.

I am so glad Mr. Walter Lucier is back at The Heart. I had a dream last night that involved someone asking if I knew who Sarah McLaughlan was, and I said, "Do I know who SARAH McLAUGHLAN is?!" I kept a Lucier quote book that year. If I find it, I'll be sure to post it here.
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