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So alumns. I was thinking about the whole senior bio concept. I initially wrote mine at the beginning of the year, and there was a whole sentence devoted to someone who wasn't in my life at the end. I fortunately worked on yearbook. And yeah okay everyone knows what I'm talking about.

But my thought was about people who didn't get the chance to change them when they changed. The people I was close to at the end of the year were different from those at the beginning, and I spend time now with people I never thought I would. I ran into Katie Bowie when I was picking up my yearbook yesterday, and she was talking about how her bio was about George, and how Kevin's was about Danielle, and how odd that was.

That bugs me. Since we got them so late we should have been able to change them. There would have been more I wanted to say, but I guess I got a chance with that column I wrote.

So, ITT discuss your senior bio and quote. I'll post mine as a comment to get the fun started. (And current students can talk about whatever they want.)
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