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Sacred Heart High School

Where the leaders of tomorrow are cultivated. Sort of.

Well why not make a Sacred Heart community?
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A community for Sacred Heart students and alumni to do whatever it is that they do. Bitch and moan about teachers, spread rumours, whine, complain, make plans with each other to do coke in the bathroom, whatever.

-Learn to spell, and use at least decent grammar and sentence structure. You go to/went to a prep school for fucks sake.
-You have to be a member of the Sacred Heart legacy to join this group. Aight?

Your Maintainers:
mazeofmemories, Class of 2005, Principal.
ravendark122ils, Class of 2003, Vice-principal.
Contrary to rumour, Sister Alice Marie is not pulling all the strings from behind the scenes.

That's all for now.
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