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Attention Class of 2003 
06:59pm 24/03/2008
mood: busy

Our reunion is on Saturday, June 7.  You all should have gotten a postcard.  If you didn't, and even if you did, please email me at Stevenie8485@gmail.com so I can get an update on your email address, mailing address, and phone number.  I promise I will never ask you for money.

Hope to see you all in June!


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09:58pm 17/09/2007
  For those of you who took SocioEc with Mr. Rose, you might like this. I made a new stock market game at vse.marketwatch.com under the game title socioecthrowback.


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01:43am 09/05/2007
  I totally forgot I was a moderator of this community/that it existed.

I have it on good authority that it's gotten lame since I left.
Tell me one person in this community who still goes there, is it lame?

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Nuns in Cages 
04:00pm 27/06/2006
  I remember one time, a time I believe to be in 1999, when questions would arise such as "do you want to build a submarine or have a sword fight?"

During this time there was a brief foray to the sub basement. It was a dark place, with stagnant air, shelves of archaic yearbooks, and the terrifying howls of small children being fed to incinerators echoing in your ears. The absence of light itself and the faint shadows that seemed to suffocate were reminscent of a Lovecraft tale, and this made my fear all the more potent when nuns with foot-long claws leapt at their cage's walls, blood on their lips and hatred in their eyes.

I think Danny Irvine peed on the wall or something.

Did that stuff happen or am I insane?

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a message to the moderator(s) 
02:41am 27/06/2006
mood: bucharest
One of the interests (3N6) if I am correct in my assumption, is erroneous. If said interest is referring to the perennial talent show band "4N6" ( Named as such because when they first tried to register for the talent show as a band, there was no such category. To circumvent this, they registered under 'Forensics' which is shown phonetically pronounced in the band's name 4N6 as { for en sics})If I am correct, I'm proposing a swift and orderly change.

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Sacred Heart Shenanigans 
12:12pm 21/06/2006
  Okay so I've got to make this quick, but last night I was playing futbol europa with Raf (Montes) and Mike (McManus) in one of the Heart's fields when a car full of nuns (two to be precise) came over to chastise us. Apparentlly ferocious mosquitoes and immense lightning storms were headed our way and we had to flee for our lives. Actually, it was just Sister Alice Marie and, I believe, Sister Nivard (sp?) telling us to leave so we didn't get hit by lightning and so they could close the gate.

I know it doesn't match up to the "driving Mitchell's car around the track while trashed," story, but I felt like writing in the community.

- Lanny, '03

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being almost four years to the day since I graduated, It's time for some trivia. 
11:33pm 26/05/2006
  A correct answer will result in the user receiving a free Narragansett Beer from the poster.
Though any given user can answer as many questions as he/she likes, a limit of 2 Narragansetts will be allowed per user.
Questions, to be answered by comment, are as follows.

1. Who was the only girl that Dan Moriarty dated from Sacred Heart during his enrollment there?

2. Name three members of the Columbine Crew.

3. What question did Dan Moriarty ask the instructor prior to any quiz/test in Miss Sharpe's Latin class.

4. Who often used the catch phrase "I used to (activity in question), but then I got a job." ?

5. What was Cara Cannata's symbol/icon in the pointless points game?

6. Which girl from the class of 2002 became pregnant prior to graduation?

7. Who was said to first ask for a ride to New Hampshire for the compensation of two US dollars and one cigarette?

8. What make/model of vehicle did Jen White (class of 02) drive in her junior year?

9. What is Beth Delano's preferred brand of cigarette?

10. (Double point difficult one)What class was Dan Moriarty in when the first plane struck the WTC in 2001?

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08:39pm 16/05/2006
  What did you love most/hate most about Sacred Heart?  

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My father TiVo'd this from the other day 
06:11pm 19/02/2006
  When he showed me the news clip I figured it was because he would think I'd find this interesting. However, it was a lead-in to a brief tirade about why I wasn't valedictorian and attending Harvard. In the video of him on stage with Berry he has a rather thick lisp that I don't recall being as strong as in 2002. Enjoy:

The Hasty Pudding Theatricals Woman of the Year, Halle Berry, center, receives a kiss from Harvard seniors Peter Dodd, left, and John Blickstead during the annual Hasty Pudding Parade through Harvard Square in Cambridge, Mass., Thursday, Feb. 16, 2006. (AP Photo/Chitose Suzuki)

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01:23pm 17/02/2006
  Everyone in this community is fired for never updating.  

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10:42am 16/12/2005
  So alumns. I was thinking about the whole senior bio concept. I initially wrote mine at the beginning of the year, and there was a whole sentence devoted to someone who wasn't in my life at the end. I fortunately worked on yearbook. And yeah okay everyone knows what I'm talking about.

But my thought was about people who didn't get the chance to change them when they changed. The people I was close to at the end of the year were different from those at the beginning, and I spend time now with people I never thought I would. I ran into Katie Bowie when I was picking up my yearbook yesterday, and she was talking about how her bio was about George, and how Kevin's was about Danielle, and how odd that was.

That bugs me. Since we got them so late we should have been able to change them. There would have been more I wanted to say, but I guess I got a chance with that column I wrote.

So, ITT discuss your senior bio and quote. I'll post mine as a comment to get the fun started. (And current students can talk about whatever they want.)

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04:48pm 13/12/2005
  So I want to go visit Sacred Heart on Thursday, there will be cupcakes. I have no form of transportation whatsoever though, my car is dead, and my mom crashed hers. So who wants to go to Sacred Heart and eat cupcakes made by pre10tiousquips?  

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What songs remind you of your SH years? 
07:54am 06/12/2005
  If you could narrow down your whole SH experience to be summed up in a single song, what would that song be?

I'd have to go with Andrew WK's "Party Hard"

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Good times 
11:40am 03/12/2005
  Hey Sacred Heart past and present - I'm Lydia, I was a lifer, and I graduated in '03. I just had an attack of nostalgia a few minutes ago, so I figured I'd post here. My brother is taking the high school entrance exam today.

In regards to Erin's questions about hottie 2x4s: When I was in seventh grade - I can't tell you what year that was as math is not my strong suit (THANKS, Mrs. League!) - Joe Wagner was THE hottest guy around. I remember seventh grade classmates went up to him with their cameras, saying they had to take a picture of him for the Heartbeat, then giggled and ran away. In elementary school, apparently everyone had a crush on Dennis Rodriguez. When I was a senior, I had a crush on Cal. I honestly don't know why. Must've been the tall ships he sailed in on at 10am every morning.

The one awesome thing about Facebook is looking up former SHIS or SHHS alums and seeing what they look like now. Brittany Peckham, my best friend in 2nd grade (we had the heart necklace to prove it) recently added me. But my favorite was looking up Dan Rushton. If you don't remember, back when he was Danny Rushton, he'd stand by the door in homeroom at lunch, counting down the exact seconds to when the bell rang because his watch was "synchronized."

I never liked Mr. Donaghue. I especially didn't like: "Isn't it nice to have nothing to do?" I remember not liking Mr. Simmons at first because he actually expected us to know real Latin as opposed to the Miss Sharpe Latin we had all grown fond of. Tua mater! One of my favorite high school moments was when we were rehearsing in the auditorium for a chorus show - this was probably my junior year - and Sr. Rosamonde's piano stool broke just as she was about to sit down. We erupted in laughter, but Sr. Rosalie started yelling at us for laughing at what could've happened...I guess you had to be there.

I am so glad Mr. Walter Lucier is back at The Heart. I had a dream last night that involved someone asking if I knew who Sarah McLaughlan was, and I said, "Do I know who SARAH McLAUGHLAN is?!" I kept a Lucier quote book that year. If I find it, I'll be sure to post it here.

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Something that you thought you felt back in high school. 
03:15am 03/12/2005
mood: awake
So since discussion seems to not be an option. Get people who will want to tell funny stories, gossip, and spread rumours to join. I mean come on. That's what Sacred Heart IS.

So kids who will respond:

Who's doing coke in the bathroom now that my class is gone?
Who's banging who?
Who's a slut? Who's a prude? Who's asexual?
How is Justin Iacovino?
Who in my class sucked? Who ruled? In other classes?
Who did people crush on?
Who was the hottie hottie 2x4?

And any alumns who want to join in this duscussion, please do.

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10:13am 30/11/2005
  Come on everyone, as the Gorsuch (was that how you spelled it? Anyway-- the Goose) would have put it, LOOK LIKE YOU BELONG TO SOMETHING.

That's what he told myself, Joe Lennox, and Dan Forant as we walked across the parking lot during one cloudy day during break to get soda from my car. Apparently, getting soda from your car during break is not allowed.

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Two important points of business. 
12:04am 30/11/2005
mood: tired
Make your friends join so this isn't just an extension of my friends page.

Discuss crazy rumours. They're fun. GO!

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08:47pm 29/11/2005
mood: cold
What's up Sacred Heart Alumni. So this is X-Tina for those who don't know. I did have the pleasure of being Kerrie's friend and am all the better for it. Antonette's taking the entrance exam in January. The legacy lives on.

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05:44pm 29/11/2005
  should every first entry start like your first night at AA? well i'm kerrie and i graduated but whatevs. if you don't remember me/ever met me. well. you missed out. cause i'm awesome. let's hear it for smoking in the lower parking lot at break. and never making it to first class. oh wait that's caleb geary.  

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12:42am 29/11/2005
  if anyone would be willing to steal for me / give me their 2004 yearbook, it would be much appreciated. i'd even give you money. seriously. i want the book with the fucking nuns on it, for i did not get one myself. If someone could steal it from the library or Trudy's office, that'd be perfect, but really, i need my goddamn senior yearbook...pleasee??  

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