dan (merc80s) wrote in sacredhearthigh,

being almost four years to the day since I graduated, It's time for some trivia.

A correct answer will result in the user receiving a free Narragansett Beer from the poster.
Though any given user can answer as many questions as he/she likes, a limit of 2 Narragansetts will be allowed per user.
Questions, to be answered by comment, are as follows.

1. Who was the only girl that Dan Moriarty dated from Sacred Heart during his enrollment there?

2. Name three members of the Columbine Crew.

3. What question did Dan Moriarty ask the instructor prior to any quiz/test in Miss Sharpe's Latin class.

4. Who often used the catch phrase "I used to (activity in question), but then I got a job." ?

5. What was Cara Cannata's symbol/icon in the pointless points game?

6. Which girl from the class of 2002 became pregnant prior to graduation?

7. Who was said to first ask for a ride to New Hampshire for the compensation of two US dollars and one cigarette?

8. What make/model of vehicle did Jen White (class of 02) drive in her junior year?

9. What is Beth Delano's preferred brand of cigarette?

10. (Double point difficult one)What class was Dan Moriarty in when the first plane struck the WTC in 2001?
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