Daniel (xliexsmithx) wrote in sacredhearthigh,

Sacred Heart Shenanigans

Okay so I've got to make this quick, but last night I was playing futbol europa with Raf (Montes) and Mike (McManus) in one of the Heart's fields when a car full of nuns (two to be precise) came over to chastise us. Apparentlly ferocious mosquitoes and immense lightning storms were headed our way and we had to flee for our lives. Actually, it was just Sister Alice Marie and, I believe, Sister Nivard (sp?) telling us to leave so we didn't get hit by lightning and so they could close the gate.

I know it doesn't match up to the "driving Mitchell's car around the track while trashed," story, but I felt like writing in the community.

- Lanny, '03
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