Daniel (xliexsmithx) wrote in sacredhearthigh,

Nuns in Cages

I remember one time, a time I believe to be in 1999, when questions would arise such as "do you want to build a submarine or have a sword fight?"

During this time there was a brief foray to the sub basement. It was a dark place, with stagnant air, shelves of archaic yearbooks, and the terrifying howls of small children being fed to incinerators echoing in your ears. The absence of light itself and the faint shadows that seemed to suffocate were reminscent of a Lovecraft tale, and this made my fear all the more potent when nuns with foot-long claws leapt at their cage's walls, blood on their lips and hatred in their eyes.

I think Danny Irvine peed on the wall or something.

Did that stuff happen or am I insane?
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